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Class 12 Business Studies Notes Consumer Protection

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Consumer Protection is part of Class 12 Business Studies Notes for Quick Revision. Here we have given NCERT Class 12 Business Studies Notes – Consumer Protection.

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

1. Consumer

A consumer is generally understood as a person who uses consumer goods or avails any service.

2. Consumer Protection

It means protecting the consumer from the clutches of fraud producers or sellers.

3. Who Can File a Complaint?

  1. A consumer
  2. Any registered consumer association
  3. The Central Government or any State Government
  4. One or more consumers, on behalf of numerous consumers having the interest
  5. A legal heir or representative of a decreased consumer

4. Three Tier Judicial Machinery to Provide Protection to Consumers

  1. District forum
  2. State commission
  3. National commission

5. Consumer Rights

  1. Right to safety
  2. Right to be informed
  3. Right to choose
  4. Right to be heard
  5. Right to seek redressal
  6. Right to consumer education

6. Consumer Responsibilities

  1. The consumer must exercise his right
  2. The consumer must be conscious
  3. Filling complaints about the redressal of genuine
  4. The consumer must be quality cautious grievances
  5. Do not be carried away by advertisement
  6. Insist on cash memo

7. Ways and Means of Consumer Protections

  1. Self-regulations by business
  2. Business Association
  3. Consumer awareness
  4. Consumer organisation
  5. Government

8. Relief Available

  1. Removal of defects from the goods
  2. Replacement of the goods
  3. Refund of the price paid
  4. Compensation of loss or injury suffered
  5. Removal of deficiency in service
  6. Discontinuance of unfair trade practices
  7. Stopping the sale of hazardous goods
  8. Withdrawal of hazardous goods from the market

9. Rule of Consumer Organisations

In India, several consumer organisations and non-governmental organisations have been set up for the protection and promotion of consumers interest. These associations are performing following functions

  1. Bringing out brochures, journals etc
  2. Spreading consumer awareness
  3. Collecting data of the different product
  4. Filing suits or complaints on behalf of customers
  5. Educating the consumer to help themselves
  6. Educating women regarding consumerism

10 Rule of Press

Apart from publishing articles, columns etc newspapers have tried to provide protection to harassed consumers by including a consumer complaint column.

11. Rule of Universities and Press

IGNOU has made a beginning by developing a complete syllabus which provides a framework for the universities to develop a curriculum for consumer education CBSE has published a teacher’s manual on consumer education.

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