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CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Prose Chapter 8 Going Places

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Going Places – A.R. Barton

Going Places

Going Places – A.R. Barton



The subject of this story is immature fantasizing and legend adore. It is very normal for young people to have impossible dreams particularly when their families are not fortunate. It is a direct result of the way that the financial foundation assumes the main job in the lives of the young people for picking a specific calling. The demonstration of fantasizing may prompt torments on the off chance that it is past our methodology. It is futile to construct mansions noticeable all around.

Sophie, an adolescent is loaded up with dreams and wants. She originates from a poor budgetary foundation. She longs for owning a boutique one day or being a performer or mould planner however her companion Jansie trusts that they are from a poor money related foundation and need to work in a scone production line. Jansie, who is more sensible, attempts to pull Sophie to the real world, yet futile. Sophie lives in a little house with her folks and siblings, Geoff and little Derek. 

In spite of the fact that she voices her emotions and wants, her folks don’t trust her since they, in contrast to her, are more develop and know the brutal substances of life. Sophie finds a kind of interest for her senior sibling Geoff, who is tall, solid, good looking and saving. She begrudges his quiet and frequently ponders about his considerations and aspects of his life that she doesn’t think about. Sophie fantasizes about Danny Casey, an Irish football player whom she had seen playing in incalculable matches. She makes up a tale about how she met him on the roads and advises this to Geoff. Geoff, who is more sensible than Sophie, does not by any means trust her, regardless of whether she needs to. 

It appears an impossible occurrence for Sophie to meet the wonder in their road, however, when Sophie portrays the gathering in the entirety of her points of interest, he starts to trust that it could be valid. She discloses to him that Danny has guaranteed to meet her someplace once more. Sophie gets so manoeuvred into the story she made that she herself starts to trust that it’s valid. She sits tight for the Irish player, however clearly, he never arrives. At that point, she advances home, thinking about how her sibling would be disillusioned on realizing that Danny Casey never appeared. Be that as it may, Sophie still fantasizes about her saint, Danny Casey and trusts he would come to meet her.

Point Wise Summary

  1. The exercise investigates the subject of juvenile dreams and legend adore.
  2. Sophie and Jansie are both in the most recent year of secondary school and both realized that they were bound to work in the scone processing plant as they have a place with an average workers family.
  3. However, Sophie, dependably dreams of enormous and excellent things, marvelousness and brilliance. 94
  4. Her aspirations are not established as a general rule i.e., have no connection with the unforgiving substances of life.
  5. Conversely is Jansie, Sophie’s companion, a reasonable and down to earth young lady.
  6. Sophie lives in a male-overwhelmed family where her mom was just a shadow. The men were football fans and the discussions around the supper table were about Danny Casey, their Hero.
  7. Sophie needs some consideration from her dad and sibling and disclosing to them that she met Casey, was her method for illustration their consideration towards her.
  8. Be that as it may, she conveys her dreams too far when she begins to live them.

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