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Poets and Pancakes Summary Class 12 English

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Poets and Pancakes Summary In English

Poets and Pancakes

Poets and Pancakes

This section has been taken from “My Years with Boss” composed by Asokamitran. Asokamitran worked in Gemini Studios, an extremely acclaimed film studio of now is the ideal time. His activity in the studio was to cut news cut-outs on different themes and keep up a document of the equivalent.

Through this review, Asokamitran raises a considerable measure of themes relating to the film industry specifically and India by and large and gives the peruser a look at Independent India in its outset.

He first takes up the makeup the division and ridicules the inconvenience that the specialists took to look “terrible” and the agony they experienced under the glare of the huge lights. Indeed the term ‘hotcakes’ alludes to the brand name of make-up material which was too much by the artists of the Gemini Studio.

He discusses the workplace kid who is really an adult man of forty years who once sought to be an executive, however, censures Subbu(the number 2 in the studio) for his current situation. In this way, Asokamitran features the predicament of thousands of aspiring on-screen characters, chiefs and makers who end in umpteen number careless occupations in any such studio.

Kothamangelam Subbu, the number two in Gemini studio is a story in himself. He is extremely capable, a writer, author, on-screen character and movie producer. He is an all-rounder and exceptionally faithful to the supervisor.

Another character that comes into the centre at Gemini studios is the legitimate guide, who wears western garments among whatever is left of the Khadi clad nobility.

Asokamitran additionally tells about the way in which the legitimate consultant ruins the profession of a gifted on-screen character accidentally.

Socialism likewise finds a place in the thoughts of Asokamitran. Around then of India, the informed society took pride in demonstrating their help for Communism and Gemini Studios was no special case. In a similar walk, he additionally specifies the counter socialism development kept running by the West. In this setting, he specifies the play troupe of the artist/proofreader who visited the studio. Later on, he finds that the writer was in actuality the proofreader of the then acclaimed magazine ‘The Encounter’.

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