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CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Poetry Chapter 6 Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

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Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers



Adrienne Rich was raised in a well-off family. Rich felt overwhelmed by her dad’s solid identity while growing up. It was he who most guided her as a youthful artist. This wasn’t generally to her preferring as he anticipated that she would think of her sonnets his direction. At the point when Rich was growing up men commanded and ladies were relied upon to wind up loyal spouses in their grown-up lives. Every one of these components may have impacted the image of marriage Rich attracted this sonnet. 

At the core of the sonnet is a picture of a spouse who controls and unnerves his significant other. Rich composed a ton of sonnets dependent on ordinary experience. One subject she frequently included was the pressure, ladies felt due to being commanded by their spouses. In ‘Auntie Jennifer’s Tigers’ Rich is taunting the shortcoming of Aunt Jennifer and the clout and specialist of Jennifer’s significant other in their marriage.

In the sonnet ‘Close relative Jennifer’s Tigers,’ a lady communicates her smothered sentiments through her speciality. Close relative Jennifer is the casualty of the male commanded society. She has nobody to disclose to her psychological and physical agony. She makes an image to pass on her profound sentiments. The speaker depicts the tigers which her close relative delivered on the board. They are gotten underway. 

They are moving rapidly by raising the front legs and bouncing advances on the back legs. In the green wilderness, they look free, splendid, daring, daring and sublime. There are men sitting under the tree, however, the Tigers don’t. They proceed onward to their objective strongly and easily. Jennifer thinks that its hard to make pictures by utilizing the ivory needle. She is burnt out on doing the family work after she got hitched. 

She can’t get herself engaged with her aesthetic work. She needs to do it in her relaxation time. And still, at the end of the day, she must make certain whether her better half is watching her or not. So her hands are panicked. She won’t be free from dread until the point when she kicks the bucket. She will be commanded by her better half. She will kick the bucket, however, her speciality will express her longing to move gladly and bravely like the tigers she has made.


Point Wise Summary 

  1. In this ballad, the artist tends to the imperatives of wedded life, experienced by a lady.
  2. Auntie Jennifer meshes tigers into the board. These tigers are courageous and have no dread of men.
  3. Close relative Jennifer is panicked by her ruling spouse. Her finger shudders because of the psychological concealment. She isn’t content with her hitched life.
  4. She will kick the bucket however her speciality will express her craving to move gladly and bravely like the tigers she has made.


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