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CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Prose Chapter 5 Indigo

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This story depicts Gandhi’s battle for the poor labourers of Champaran. In those days the greater part of arable land in the Champaran locale was isolated into huge home claimed by Englishmen and worked by Indian occupants. The main business trim was Indigo. The landowners constrained all inhabitants to plant 15% of their Indigo and surrender the whole Indigo reap as the lease. This was finished by long-haul contract.

The British didn’t require the Indigo yield any more when Germany had created manufactured Indigo. Just to discharge the labourers from the 15% assertion they requested remuneration. Some unskilled labourers concurred yet the others cannot. One of the tenant farmers named Raj Kumar Shukla met Gandhi in such manner and constrained him to visit Champaran in view of the long haul treachery of proprietors. At that point, both of them boarded a train for the city of Patna in Bihar. 

From that point, Shukla drove him to the place of an attorney named Rajendra Prasad. Mahatma Gandhi’s modest and straightforward clothing made the hirelings mixed up him as another poor labourer. He reviewed before making any fundamental stride with the end goal to get those workers equity. It was the time when the British government rebuffed the individuals who in any condition offered the safe house to national pioneers or nonconformists.

Gandhi’s entry and the idea of his central goal spread like an out of control fire. Numerous legal advisors and labourer bunches came in extensive numbers to help him. The legal advisors acknowledged the way that their charges were high and for a poor worker, it will be infuriating. Gandhi censured them for gathering huge expense from the tenant farmers. He worried about guiding as this would give the workers enough certainty to battle their dread. He figured out how to get equity after a yearlong fight for the labourers. He likewise made courses of action for the training, wellbeing, and cleanliness for the groups of the poor workers. He gave them the exercise of confidence.


Point Wise Summary

  1. Raj Kumar Shukla-A poor tenant farmer from Champaran wishing to meet Gandhiji.
  2. Raj Kumar Shukla – uneducated yet undaunted, consequently pursued Gandhiji to Lucknow, Cawnpore, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Patna, Muzzafarpur and after that Camparan.
  3. Workers at Rajendra Prasad’s living arrangement thought Gandhiji to be unapproachable.
  4. Gandhiji considered as an unapproachable in view of basic living style and wearing, because of the organization of Raj Kumar Shukla.
  5. Chosen to go to Muzzafarpur first to get nitty gritty data about Champaran tenant farmer.
  6. Sent message to JB Kriplani and remained in Prof Malkani’s home – an administration hireling.
  7. Indians perplexed of demonstrating sensitivity to the supporters of the home guideline.
  8. The news of Gandhiji’s landing spread – tenant farmers accumulated in huge number to meet their boss.
  9. Gandhiji reprimanded the Muzzafarpur legal advisor for taking high expense.
  10. Champaran area was isolated into bequest possessed by English individuals, Indians just sharecroppers. · Landlords constrained inhabitants to plant 15% of their territory with indigo and surrender their whole reap as the lease. 87
  11. Meanwhile, Germany had created manufactured indigo – British landowners liberated the Indian agriculturists from the 15% game plan yet requested that they pay remuneration.
  12. Many marked, some opposed drew in attorneys, and landowners procured hooligans.
  13. Gandhiji came to Champaran – visited the secretary of the British proprietor relationship to get the certainties yet denied as he was an untouchable
  14. Gandhiji went to the British Official Commissioner who requesting that he leave Tirhut, Gandhiji ignored, went to Motihari the capital of Champaran where an immense huge number welcomed him, proceeded with his examinations.
  15. Visited abused villagers, ceased by the police administrator yet ignored the request
  16. Motihari dark with workers unconstrained showings, Gandhiji discharged without safeguard Civil Disobedience triumphed.
  17. Gandhiji consented to 25% discount by the landowners, it symbolized the surrender of the esteem
  18. Gandhiji buckled down towards social financial changes, lifted their pain helped by his better half, Mahadev Desai, Narhari Parikh.
  19. Gandhiji showed a thing or two of confidence by not looking for help of an English man Mr Andrews.

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