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CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Poetry Chapter 4 A Thing of Beauty

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A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of Beauty


A delightful thing is a wellspring of unceasing euphoria, its perfection develops with the progression of time and its effect never blurs away. It is as calming as a cool shade. It never goes into nothingness. It gives us great wellbeing, sound rest and mental harmony. It gives the viewer a shelter of serenity and comfort.

Man and nature are indivisible. It is the excellence of nature that keeps us appended to this world. Each morning we gather new flawless blossoms and get ready laurels. They revive our states of mind and we overlook our stresses for some time.

Each individual gets a harsh taste of distress, enduring and pain. Malady, frustrations and mishaps give us mental and physical misery. It is the lovely things that expel the pall of trouble from our lives and satisfy us and cheerful.

Every lovely thing of nature is an aid for individuals. The sun, the moon, the trees, daffodils, basic sheep, clear streams, backwoods plants, musk rose and so forth give us harmony and bliss. Notwithstanding these flawless objects of nature, there are plays and lyrics to lift our spirits. The sublime accomplishments of strong saints and great rewards by God upon the arrival of judgment for those powerful men, beautiful stories of past days are the perpetual wellspring of everlasting delight. The writer feels that nothing can outperform the magnificence of nature. They are a mixture of life. They resemble an unending wellspring that pours godlike beverage from the paradise into our souls. So magnificence is an endowment of God and it gives us euphoria until the end of time.


Point Wise Summary 

  1. The wonderful things of nature are the changeless wellspring of bliss and make our lives sweet.
  2. A wonderful thing is a delight until the end of time.
  3. It doesn’t go into nothingness yet its magnificence continues expanding.
  4. It gives us sound rest and great wellbeing;
  5. This world is brimming with dissatisfactions, disillusionment and the shortage of respectable individuals.
  6. These make our life miserable and pitiful.
  7. Yet, wonderful things expel the pall and trouble from our spirits.
  8. Nature is a steady wellspring of bliss for individuals.
  9. The excellent things are – sheep, daffodils, clear streams, musk roses and backwoods shrubberies.
  10. These things mitigate and fulfil us.
  11. Accounts of legends who have kicked the bucket in the tranquillity of war are likewise wonderful things and have an invigorating impact.
  12. Be that as it may, the wonders of nature are lovelier than all the exquisite stories and resemble the undying beverage from paradise.

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