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CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Poetry Chapter 3 Keeping Quiet

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Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet



It is essentially an enemy of war lyric. The writer is profoundly worried about savagery, mercilessness to creatures and situation of manual specialists. The artist offers an extremely basic answer for a large number of our social, political and religious issues. The arrangement is self-thoughtfulness. In the event that it is followed up on, it will be the main real advance towards joining individuals. The second step is that everybody should search inside and break down what isn’t right and who is the miscreant. This will purify each heart and recognize all individuals.

This lyric supporter the significance of quiet and self-contemplation. It can change the life of a person as well as the substance of the earth. The artist says that it needn’t bother with much time to search inside and look at oneself. It will accept just as long as it will take to check to twelve. Amid this season of reflection (self-examination), one should stay silent and say nothing by any stretch of the imagination. It will give him an unusual sentiment of harmony with all others.

In spite of the fact that it might appear somewhat abnormal before all else, it will, in the end, unite all of us. This quietness will be free from ‘the exasperating hints of motors and individuals hurrying to complete their work’ for quite a while. He feels fought to envision the change that will be realized in those minutes. The men who hurt their hands while gathering salt will get a little rest. Indeed, even the general population who look for crisp wars, utilizing deadly gas and weapons, will put on clean garments and inspire an opportunity to stroll among their siblings.

They will lead a contempt free and quiet life, giving a stop to their dangerous exercises.

The artist elucidates that his desire ought not to be considered as a case for “add up to latency”. He just needs to intrude on the pitiful, coldblooded and malevolent exercises of the world for a couple of minutes and influence the general population to introspect their activities. Truth be told what he says is associated with life, not with death. The action is exceptionally substance of life. Inertia is demise however for a new, better and valuable movement, a little stillness is fundamental.

The artist utilizes the picture of the earth to indicate how life exists in apparently lethargic things. In winter, the earth turns out to be so still and quiet that it is by all accounts dead. Be that as it may, later in spring, it is by all accounts enthusiastic once more. It has new wonders and hues added to it. Likewise, after a little quietness and quiet, man can continue his exercises in a crisp and better way.


Point Wise Summary

  1. The ballad discusses the need for calm reflection.
  2. It will assist individuals with understanding themselves and will make the sentiment of common love and relationship.
  3. By calm reflection, the writer doesn’t mean aggregate dormancy; rather he needs full inclusion with life.
  4. The explanation behind the dispose of and war is the irregularity between man and nature.
  5. Calm contemplation will set up a profound and physical association that is most alluring for the survival of the earth and of people.

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