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CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Prose Chapter 3 Deep Water

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Deep Water

Deep Water


In this story, Douglas discusses his fear of water and how he at last defeats it with solid self-control, diligent work and firm assurance. When he took strength, the dread vanished. That Shows the greater part of our feelings of dread is unjustifiable. Dread makes threats where there is none. The author’s Experiences further affirm the famous truth, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

The story, “Deep Water” reveals to us how the essayist defeated his dread of water and picked up swimming with sheer assurance and self-control. He had built up a fear of water since adolescence. When he was three or four years of age, the essayist had gone to California with his dad.

One day on the shoreline, the waves thumped the kid down and cleared over him. The youngster was alarmed however the dad who knew, there was no damage, chuckled. The experience reared a lasting apprehension of water in the kid’s sub-cognizant personality. Still another occurrence, more genuine, expanded his dread.

The author was endeavouring to get the hang of swimming in the Y.M.C.A. swimming pool in Yakima. At some point, while he was sitting tight for different young men, a major kid all of a sudden played a risky trick and pushed him into the water. The author was horrendously terrified.

He went down nine feet into the water. When he achieved the base, he bounced upward energetically. He came up however gradually. He attempted to seize something like a rope yet gotten a handle on just at the water.

He endeavoured to yell however no stable turned out. He went down once more. His lungs hurt, head throbbed and he became bleary-eyed. He felt deadened with dread. Every one of his appendages was incapacitated. Just the development of his heart revealed to him that he was alive.

Again he endeavoured to bounce up. Be that as it may, this time his appendages would not move by any means. He searched for ropes, steps and water wings yet all futile. At that point, he went down once more, the third time. This time all endeavours and dread stopped. He was moving towards quiet demise. The essayist was in harmony.

When he came to cognizance, he ended up lying in favour of the pool with alternate young men adjacent. The fear that he had encountered in the pool never abandoned him. It frequented him for quite a long time and years to come. It spoilt a large number of his undertakings of kayaking, swimming and angling.

It spoilt his joys in Maine Lakes, New Hampshire, Deschutes, Columbia and Bumping Lake and so on. Yet, the essayist was resolved to overcome his dread. He took help of a swimming educator to get the hang of swimming. The teacher showed him different activities vital in swimming part by part. He put his face submerged and breathed out and breathed in raising it above water. He rehearsed it for a little while. He needed to kick with his legs half a month in favour of the pool.

Finally, he joined every one of these activities and made the essayist swim. He got the hang of swimming yet the fear proceeded. So profound goes our youth encounters! So frightful is the dread of dread! At whatever point he was in the water the dread returned. Thus forward the author endeavoured to threaten fear itself.

He attempted to confront the new test. At the point when fear came, he went up against it by asking it mockingly with respect to what it can truly do to him? He dove into the water as though to resist the dread. When he took boldness the fear vanquished. He confronted the test purposely in different spots like the Warm Lake. He vanquished it finally.


Point Wise Summary

  1. William O. Douglas wanted to get the hang of swimming since adolescence.
  2. At three years old or four, he was thumped down and covered by a wave at shoreline in California. 
  3. He built up an extraordinary antipathy for water. 
  4. At ten years old or eleven he chose to figure out how to swim with water wings at the Y.M.C.A pool since it was sheltered at the shallow end. 
  5. A misfortune:- while sitting alone and trusting that others will come at the Y.M.C.A pool, a major kid came and tossed Douglas into the profound end of the pool. 
  6. Douglas gulped dilute and went directly to the base of the pool. 
  7. While going down he intended to make a major hop upwards, however, came up gradually. Attempted to yell however proved unable. 
  8. As he went down the pool second time, he attempted to hop upwards yet it was a misuse of vitality. 
  9. Dread held him more profound and more profound. 
  10. Amid the third preliminary he sucked water rather than air. 
  11. The light was going out and there was no more frenzy. 
  12. So he stopped all endeavours and he wound up oblivious. 
  13. He crossed to insensibility. 
  14. At the point when resuscitated, he got himself regurgitating alongside the pool. 
  15. He was in the grasp of dread of water and it denied him of the delights of paddling, sailing swimming and angling. 
  16. Enlisted an educator to pick up swimming.
  17. The teacher encouraged him swimming piece by piece. 
  18. He went to various lakes to swim and found little remnants of dread still grasped him. 
  19. He tested the dread and swam. 
  20. Swimming all over the Warm Lake he at long last conquered his dread of water. 
  21. He understood that in death there is harmony and there is dread just in dread of death.


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