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CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Poetry Chapter 1 My Mother at Sixty Six

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My Mother at Sixty Six

My Mother at Sixty Six

My Mother at Sixty Six


Ageing is a vital period of human life. A man enters his adolescence, encounters youth when he is loaded with vitality and dreams to have extravagance of life. At last, he approaches his seniority and experiences demise. The connection between individuals winds up more grounded at each part of life and they can’t hold up under partition because of maturing.

In this ballad, the writer relates an individual ordeal. She draws out a typical Catch 22 of human connections and depicts an electrifying partition of a mother and a little girl. She has possessed the capacity to catch every one of the feelings which a little girl is loaded up with, on saying goodbye to her adored mother. Now and again we do feel profound sensitivity for somebody yet we neglect to express it in an appropriate way.

One final Friday morning, the poetess was driving from her folks’ home to the Cochin air terminal. Her mom was sitting adjacent to her in the vehicle. She all of a sudden viewed her mom. She found that her mom was napping with her open mouth. Her face was as pale as that of a carcass.

The writer horrendously understood that her mom wouldn’t live long. This difficult idea frequented her. Be that as it may, soon she endeavoured to put it off by watching out of the vehicle window. She saw the youthful trees running past them. She took a gander at the joyful kids leaving their homes. As she saw life and essentialness in the outside world, the agonizing idea passed far from her brain.

In the wake of achieving the aeroplane terminal, she experienced the security check. Her mom was remaining outside a couple of yards away. After the security check, she saw her mom once more. Her face was pale white like a pre-spring’s moon. She felt the old well-known throb of adolescence in her heart which is typically felt by a kid because of the dread of partition from his/her mom. Yet, she contained herself and maintained on grinning in control to cover her feelings. She talked no word to her mom. All that she said was, “See you soon, Amma” and bade farewell to her mom with a plan to see her once more.


Point Wise Summary 

  1. Poetess making a trip to Cochin aeroplane terminal with her mom in a vehicle.
  2. Takes a gander at the wan, pale face of her resting mother.
  3. Old dread of losing her mom returns.
  4. Dashing trees and happy kids give the differentiation and help.
  5. After the security check, the old natural throb returns.
  6. Endeavours to conceal her feelings by grinning.
  7. Offers farewell to her mom with a would like to see her once more.

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