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CBSE Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 5 The Voice of the Rain

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The Voice of the Rain – Walt Whitman


The Voice of the Rain

The Voice of the Rain – Walt Whitman



The Voice of the Rain’ commends rain and the going with water cycle that bolsters life and advantages the Earth. The artist describes a ‘discussion’ he had with the falling raindrops. He asks the rain, ‘And who workmanship thou?’ and unusually, the rain answers, calling itself ‘the Poem of Earth’.

The rain says that it is conceived as immaterial vapors that ascent unceasingly from the world’s property and profound water bodies. It at that point comes to upwards towards paradise as mists, indistinct, dubiously framed and inside and out changed. However, at its center, it continues as before as it was during childbirth. It, at that point, comes back to its beginning, the Earth, as raindrops to wash away the residue and restore the dry spell ridden and dry land.

The writer thinks about the rain to a lyric/melody. A tune is conceived in the core of a human and in the wake of giving joy and satisfaction to the whole gang return to the maker as appreciation. Likewise, rain starts from the Earth and the no-limit ocean; takes off up to paradise appearing as mists and comes down to offer satisfaction to its origination (Earth) and makes it spotless, unadulterated and lovely.

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