CBSE Class 11 Hornbill Chapter 1 The Portrait of a Lady

The Portrait of a Lady – Khushwant Singh

The Portrait of a Lady
The Portrait of a Lady – Khushwant Singh



The Portrait of a Lady’ is composed in the first individual and is in the true to life mode. In this story, the author gives a point by point record of his Grandmother with whom he had a long affiliation. Khushwant Singh reviews his Grandmother as short, fat and somewhat bowed.

Her silver hair was scattered chaotically on her wrinkled face. She tottered around the house in white garments with one hand laying on her midriff and the other telling the dots of her rosary. Khushwant Singh recollects her as not pretty but rather constantly delightful. He analyzes her quiet face to that of a winter scene, During their long remain in the town, Grandmother woke him up early in the day, put his wooden slate, arranged his morning meal, and escorted him to class.

While he examined letter sets, she read the sacred writings in the sanctuary joined to the school. On their way back home she encouraged stale chapattis to stray puppies. The defining moment in their relationship came when they went to live in the city. Presently, the creator went to a city school in an engine transport and concentrated English, the law of gravity, Archimedes’ standard and a lot more things which she couldn’t comprehend by any means.

Grandma could never again go with him to class nor help him in his examinations. She was disturbed that there was no educating of God and sacred writings at the city school. Rather he was given music exercise which, as per her, was not implied for the aristocracy. In any case, she didn’t state anything.

At the point when Khushwant Singh went to a college, he was given a different room. The normal connection of their kinship was snapped. Grandma once in a while conversed with anybody now. She invested the vast majority of her energy sitting adjacent to her turning wheel, presenting supplications, and bolstering the sparrows toward the evening.

At the point when the creator left for abroad, Grandmother did not get bothered. Or maybe, she saw him off at the railroad station. Seeing her seniority, the storyteller believed that it was his last gathering with her. Be that as it may, as opposed to his reasoning, when he returned following a range of five years, Grandmother was there to get him. She commended the event by singing melodies of the home happening to warriors on an old flimsy drum, alongside the women of the area.

Next morning she got sick. In spite of the fact that the specialist said it was a mellow fever and would leave soon, she could predict that her end was close. She would not like to sit around idly conversing with anybody. She lay calmly in bed asking and telling the dots till her lips quit moving and the rosary tumbled from her inert fingers.

To grieve her passing a huge number of sparrows flew in and sat scattered around her body. There was no chirruping and when Khushwant Singh’s mom tossed breadcrumbs to the sparrows, they failed to acknowledge the bread. They took off discreetly when the dead assemblage of Grandmother was diverted for last rituals.

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