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CBSE Class 11 PEd Chapter 3 Physical Fitness, Wellness And Lifestyle

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Physical Fitness, Wellness, And Lifestyle

Physical Fitness, Wellness And Lifestyle

Physical Fitness, Wellness And Lifestyle

Physical Fitness

  • The ability of the person to do daily routine with fatigue and take part in playful activity also still reserves energy for emergency or successful adaptation of life.


  • Optimal functioning of the body and creative adapting to an environment that involves the whole person or remains physically and mentally fit.


  • The manner of living that reflects the person’s value and attitude that includes social relation, consumption, entertainment, and dress.

Indicators of Health

  • Measure different aspects of health within a society.
  • They are of two types
  1. Health status indicator (measure different aspects of health and population. Include disease)
  2. Health determinants indicator (measure to those who influence health like smoking.)

    Importance of Physical Fitness, Wellness, and Positive Lifestyle

  • Leading a happy and well-balanced life.
  • Remain active in the future.
  • Manage the stress and to grow the resistance against diseases.
  • For growing the self-confidence, look beautiful and beautiful. (Posture)
  • Increase the level of energy.
  • Increase longevity.

Factors Affecting Physical Fitness, Wellness, and Positive Lifestyle

  • Regular exercise, amount of training and relaxation.
  • Age, gender and heredity
  • Environment diet and drugs.

In India Health Indicators are

  • Infant mortality rate (IMR)
  • Under-five mortality rate (UFMR)
  • Maternal mortality ratio (MMR)
  • Life expectancy

Component of Positive Lifestyle (prevent the health threat)

  • Regular physical exercise and healthy eating habits.
  • Limit TV watching and maintain weight.
  • Sufficient sleep, limit alcohol, and stress management.
  • safe environment and stop additive.


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