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CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Chapter 2 Olympic Movements

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CBSE Class 11 Physical Education Chapter 2 Olympic Movements
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Olympic Movements

Olympic Movements

Olympic Movements


Ancient Olympic Movement

  • First started in Olympia valley.
  • According to some evidence, it was started by the son of Zeus Hercules.
  • According to some evidence, it was started by the death of the king.
  • According to some evidence, it was started by celebrating the victory of god Zeus.

Rules of Ancient Olympic Games

  • The competitor must be Greek.
  • A punished person are not allowed.
  • Women are not allowed.
  • The competitor must stay in Olympia for a month.
  • For participation, competitors have to do practice for at least one month.

Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games

  • Players with his brother and father invited.


  • Food grains and animals, poems were composed in honor of players.
  • Statues were made, names were recorded.

Modern Olympic Games

  • Credit goes to B.P. Decobertin.
  • In starting 13 countries participated.
  • Rest opposes.
  • 75 players participated.

Olympic Motto

  • Faster higher and stronger.

Olympic Flag

  • Symbols of life and happiness.
  • There are five rings.
  • Colors are yellow, blue, green red black.
  • Symbolize friendship.

Olympic Flame

  • Symbol of knowledge life and happiness.
  • This flame was started when the game starts and keep glowing during games.
  • At end of games, flame extinguished


  • There three awards namely gold, silver and bronze.
  • There two certificates for other 2 players who come on 4th and 5th positions


  • The oath is taken by flag bearers.


  • Professional can and women can also participate.

Opening Ceremony

  • Torch lighted, flag hoisted.

Closing Ceremony

  • The torch was extinguished and ends with Olympic song


  • 5 ring- Red, yellow, green, black, blue represent Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, America respectively.


  • To pay attention to physical education.
  • To develop a personality and character.
  • To develop peace among countries.
  • To develop friendship among people.
  • To avoid discrimination.

Developed Value from Olympic

  • Solidarity.
  • Fair play.
  • Free from Discrimination.
  • Friendship.


  • International Olympic committee
  • 32 members.                               

Members of Committee

  • President
          1) Elected by members of IOC.
          2) 8years expiry
  • Vice-president
          1) Elected for4 years.
          2) Can be reelected.

Executive Board

1) Have president, vice president, and other 10memners.
  • Function of IOC
          1) Place where Olympic will be held decide by committee.
          2) And many others work.


  • Indian Olympic Association
  • Objective
          1) Develop and promote the Olympic movement.
          2) More
  • Awards
         1) Dronacharya awards (given to coach)
        2) Arjuna awards (given to sportsmen)

CBSE Sports

  • Organized by CBSE.
  • Completion among students of one to another school.
  • Objective (friendship among all students and schools).
  • The award is chacha Nehru award.
  • The scholarship is also given.

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