CBSE Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 9 Father to Son

Father to Son

Father to Son
Father to Son



‘Father to Son’ depicts the grieved connection between a dad and his child. The ballad discusses age hole between the dad and the child and voices the dad’s torment and weakness in neglecting to comprehend his kid.

The dad needs indistinguishable sort of bond with his child from he had when the child was a little tyke. In any case, now, quietness is the thing that encompasses their relationship and there is a total absence of correspondence between them. Despite the fact that they have lived in a similar house for a considerable length of time, they carry on as outsiders.

The dad sees his child as ‘the intemperate child’ who might before long come back to his dad’s home which was at one time his own one of a kind. The dad can’t comprehend why in his melancholy he ends up furious with his child.

As there is still love between them two, they endeavor to discover an approach to determine their disparities yet that appears to be purposeless. Elizabeth Jennings says that fathers and children everywhere throughout the world should figure out how to live on a similar globe and same land. The sonnet discusses the widespread issue – absence of correspondence and comprehension.

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