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CBSE Class 11 PEd Chapter 1 Changing Trends and Career in PEd

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Changing Trends and Career in Physical Education

Changing Trends and Career in PEd

Changing Trends and Career in PEd


Physical Education

  • It is part of the general education program, which is considered with the growth, development, and education of children through the medium of big muscle activities.
  • It is that phase of the whole field of education that deals with big muscular activities and their related responses.

The Objectives of Physical education

  • Wholesome development of an individual.
  • Classified into 6 parts.

(a) Physical development

             (b) Mental development
             (c) Social development
             (d) Neuro-muscular development
             (e) Emotional development
             (f) Health development

After Independence in India

 After independence, many committees were formed.

Aims of CAB of PE and R

  • Recommendation of games program.
  • Give proposals to the government.
  • Give proposals to youths.
  • Give proposals for changing the syllabus.
  • Make PE compulsory in school.

Aims of AIC of S

  • Research on games.
  • Enhance the standard of games.
  • Organize the completion in the country.
  • Submit the annual report to the government.

Aims of NIS

  • Prepare coaches.
  • Research in the field of sports.
  • Scholarship for students.
  • Organize the completion.
  • Enhance the standard of the game.

Scheme of Sports Authority of India

  • Exploration of sports talent.
  • To provide the scholarship.
  • Organize the completion.
  • Make health scheme.
  • Learning the martial art.

Principles of Integrated Physical Education

  • Based on discipline.
  • The game is for all.
  • Organize the game for future society.
  • Providing knowledge of sports to all people.
  • Development of wellness and physical fitness.

Principles of Adapted Physical Education

  • Medical checkup
  • It only for interested students.
  • Types of equipment a/q to game.
  • Specific environment.
  • Modify the rules according to students.

Careers in Physical Education

  • Teaching related career.
  • Coaching related career.
  • Administration related career.
  • Health related career.
  • Book and media related career.
  • Marketing related career.


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