CBSE Class 11 English Hornbill Chapter 2 A Photograph

A Photograph – Shirley Toulson

A Photograph
A Photograph – Shirley Toulson



The lyric, ‘A photo’, differentiates the unceasing condition of nature and the brief condition of individuals. The writer portrays a photo that catches intriguing snapshots of her mom’s youth when she went for an ocean occasion with her two young lady cousins.

The writer draws a difference between nature, changing at a snail’s pace and the quick changing human life. The writer remembers how her mom giggled at the photo and felt disillusioned at the loss of her youth delights.
The ocean occasion was her mom’s past around then, while her mom’s giggling is the artist’s past at this point. With incredible trouble and at various timeframes, both accommodate with their separate misfortunes and the torment engaged with recalling the past.
For the writer, the demise of her mom brings incredible bitterness and an intense feeling of misfortune. The difficult ‘quiet’ of the circumstance abandons her without any words to express her anguish. Along these lines, the ‘quiet hush‘ her. The three stanzas of the lyrics portray three distinct phases of life i.e. early youthfulness (girlhood).adulthood and demise.

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