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CBSE Class 10 English Fiction 6 Virtually True

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Virtually True – Paul Stewart


Virtually True

Virtually True



Michael Reads the Magazine Article
The ‘miracle recovery’ story which Michael read stated ‘Sebastian Shultz, a 14-year-Old boy from South London, from a coma that doctors feared might last forever’. Michael recollects the name and thinks that he had met a person with this name and reads the story ahead. Six weeks ago, Sebastian Shultz was badly injured in a motorway accident. His condition on arrival at the general hospital was described as critical though stable. Despite the boy did not regain consciousness. The only miracle could save him and now the miracle had happened.

Michael Runs Through the Events 
Michael dug into his memory and saw that Sebastian had been in a coma all this time. He felt nervous as to how it had happened. One month ago, Michael and his father had spent one entire Saturday afternoon at the computer fair. His Dad was crazy about computer gadgets and possessed all the latest ones.
At the fair, Michael had bought one game for himself and started playing the game ‘Wildwest’ in 3D. There he played the game with a sheriff which was followed by another one. On being asked who he was, he did not reply. After a series of chases a gunshot was heard and the second sheriff back.
Then came a message: game over With a score of 21095. On the printout, Michael saw the figure Of the sheriff Who wore jeans and sweatshirt. At the bottom, there was a message: ‘I’m stuck. Please help to retrieve me.
Try DRAGON QUEST. Sebastian Shultz.’ Michael played the game as suggested the next morning, The aim of the game was to rescue the fair princess from wicked dragon and to collect the treasure.

While he was rescuing the princess he heard another cry from a second knight for rescuing him. He at once recognized him to be Sebastian. Michael tried his best to save him from the dragon but failed again and was invited for another attempt named ‘Jailbreak’.
In this attempt also he failed to save Sebastian and then finally played the game Of ‘Warzone’ Where he was finally able to save Sebastian and hit a jackpot Of He now knew that Sebastian did not exist like human beings.


Michael Correlates the Virtual and the Real 
Michael wanted to know more about the miracle recovery story because he thought that the Sebastian who had recovered wag the one whom he had rescued in the game. But could this be possible?
He learned that Sebastian had been playing the same psycho drive game like him. He thought that Sebastian would have been plugged into the computer when his head banged and the computer might have stored his memory in its own.
He also remembered that Sebastian’s father had mentioned in the recovery story that they had lost their games, which would have landed in the computer fair from where Michael had purchased the game.
He then checked his email, where he had Received one mail from Sebastian where he thanked Michael to save his life. He offered to meet him and asked Michael to keep the games with him as he had earned them.
It was a real message from the real Sebastian. They both knew that in the reliving accident something wonderful had happened. He now knew that whatever he had experienced was ‘virtually true’.


Important Questions

Q. How was Shultz finally rescued by Michael?

A. Michael played four games. He first played the game the ‘Wildwest’ and lost the first game. He then played the second game ‘Dragon Quest’. But in that game also Sebastian was killed. He then played the ‘Jail Break’ but there also Michael was unable to rescue Sebastian. In the last game ‘Warzone’ Michael hit jackpot and was able to rescue Sebastian.

Q. What does the narrator mean when he says, ‘Sebastian Shultz was the game’?

A. The narrator means that Sebastian Shultz was a wonderful player. Being a player in the virtual reality game, he played to the best of his capabilities. He was an enthusiastic player. He fought till the end and was ultimately rescued.

Q. How was Shultz rescued from ‘Warzone’?

A. ‘Warzone’ was the last game which Michael was playing to rescue Sebastian. The Warzone was a city with tall windowless buildings riddled with holes. Machine gun fire raked the sky. Michael and Sebastian had to make it to sniper fire when a helicopter was waiting for them. They started to run but the tree fires sent them scutting back to the wall. All of a sudden Sebastian jumped into a jeep, started the ignition key and they both went. Suddenly, the jeep skidded and Sebastian was thrown into the air but Michael somehow pulled him up and rescued Sebastian. Michael cracked the game by hitting a jackpot.

Q. How did Michael and his father indulge in their taste for new gadgets?

A. Michael’s father was nutty about computers. He visited the computer fair along with Michael and brought a computer of Pentium 150 MHz, 4 processors with 256 of RAM, a 1.2GB hard disk drive and 16-speed CDROM, complete speakers, printers, modems, and scanner. He was very fond of gadgets and gizmos. He bought some interactive psycho-drive games of his son.

Q. How did Shultz get trapped in the video game?

A. Shultz was playing one of the virtual video games in the car. Suddenly, his car met with an accident and his head banged against the computer and his memory was transferred into the computer’s memory and he went deep into the coma. His memory was stored in the memory of the computer.

Q. What did Sebastian write in the final e-mail he sent to Michael?

A. The final e-mail sent to Michael by Sebastian had the feeling of immense gratitude. He wrote that he could not know how the process of his rescue happened. He expressed his desire to meet Michael very soon. He also requested Michael to keep the games with him as he had earned them.

Q. How did Michael in the last game save Sebastian?

A. Using the Skeleton swipe-card, Mickael and Sebastian came out of the jail. Then, they ran amidst the fire and gunshots. They jumped onto a jeep. Sebastian braked the jeep suddenly and he was thrown into a spin. He landed with a thud near the hatch but Michael pulled him up in a helicopter. Then the helicopter soared into the sky and Michael succeeded in saving Shultz.

Q. Why Michael couldn’t help Sebastian in the first time?

A. The first time Shultz appeared as the second sheriff. But he did not tell his name though Michael asked him who he was. Both of them jumped out of the window and speed off on a horse. At that juncture, only a gunshot hit the second sheriff. He cried and slumped back against Michael. Michael was unable to help him.

Q. Why did the news about Sebastian Shultz shock Michael?

A. Michael gasped when he saw the photograph that went with the story in the newspaper. The boy in the picture was the same boy who was with him in the psycho-driven games and his name was Sebastian Shultz. He was shocked to know that Shultz had been in the coma for all the time. The situation didn’t make any sense at all and Michael was shocked.

Q. How did Sebastian Shultz request, Michael, to help him?

A. Sebastian Shultz requested Michael to save his life. According to his plan, there was to be a helicopter on the roof and they were to fly in it to escape from the dragon. he conveyed this message by e-mail. When this plan failed, Shultz requested Michael further using an e-mail. He promised that he would not make any further requested if he didn’t succeed in his next game.

Q. What was the aim of the game ‘Dragonquest’?

A. The aim of the game Dragon quest was simple. In the game, Michael had to rescue the fair princess Aurora from the wicked dragon and collected the wicked creature’s treasure along the way. The princess had been imprisoned at the top of a tall tower. She was a young woman with long golden plaits.

Q. Why did the news of Shultz’s miracle recover shocked Michael?

A. Michael gasped when he saw the photograph that went with the story in the newspaper. The boy in the picture was the same boy who was with him in the psycho-driven games and his name was Sebastian Shultz. He was shocked to know that Shultz had been in the coma for all the time. The situation didn’t make any sense at all and Michael was shocked.

Q. What news about Sebastian Shultz did Michael see in the newspaper?

A. The news that Michael saw in the newspaper was under the heading ‘Miracle Recovery’. It was about Sebastian Shultz, a 14-year-old schoolboy from South London who awoke from a coma that doctors feared might last forever. His condition was critical but stable. The doctors were doing all they could. But the parents of Shultz needed a miracle and that miracle had happened.

Q. Which was the first computer game played by Michael? What strange thing happened as he was playing it?

A. The first computer game played by Michael was Wildwest. In this game, Michael was really striding down the dusty track through the center of the town. There was a sheriff badge pinned to his shirt. When he busted into a saloon everybody became silent. He took a sip from the glass of the fizzy red stuff. Then he saw Black-Eyed Jed, the fastest gun in the West. There appeared the second sheriff and the game became more complicated. The second sheriff did not tell his name. Ultimately, Michael lost the game when the second sheriff was shot and he slumped back against Michael.

Q. What explanation did Michael find for Sebastian Shultz’s miraculous recovery?

A. Michael found the explanation that Sebastian Shultz was playing a psycho-driven game when he met with an accident. His memory was saved in the memory of his laptop though he went into a coma because of the severity of the accident. When Sebastian was in the hospital, his laptop was stolen and sold in the computer fair. Michael’s dad bought this laptop. When Michael played a psycho-driven game and got the victory in it, Sebastian’s miraculous recovery took place.

Q. What was common in all the computer games played by Michael?

A. In all the psycho-driven games namely Wildwest, DragonQuest, Jailbreak, and Warzone, Michael came across virtual reality. Image created by the laptop appeared to surround Michael as he was looking at them. They seemed to be almost real. The theory of Sebastian’s memory is saved in the computer and finding its way into the games were virtually true. This uniqueness was common in all the games.

Q. What help did Sebastian asked Michael for? How did he convey this message?

A. Sebastian was in a coma as he had met with a severe accident. his memory had been saved in his laptop as he was playing a psycho-driven game at the time of the accident. So, Sebastian told Michael using an e-mail that he was stuck. He requested Michael to retrieve him. It was possible only when Michael became victorious in any psycho-driven game. Michael felt pity for Sebastian and played various games. Ultimately, he could save Sebastian after gaining victory in the game named warzone.

Q. How did Michael save Sebastian with the help of interactive psycho-drive games?

A. The interactive psycho-driven games played by Michael are Wildwest, Dragonquest, Jailbreak, and Warzone. In the first game namely Wildwest Michael plays the role of a sheriff. He is playing the game properly. All of a sudden, he finds the second sheriff. He wants to know the name of the second sheriff who remains silent. Michael loses the game owing to the mistakes of the second sheriff whom he wants to save. The second game is full of challenges and risks. Despite their efforts, both of them meet with failure. The third game also tells the story of the failure of Michael. But the fourth game that is the war zone brings good luck for Sebastian Shultz. First Michael is picked up by a helicopter. Then Michael picks up Sebastian when he is thrown in air owing to the attack of the soldiers on Sebastian’s jeep. In all, these psycho-drive games Michael plays with virtual pictures on the computer. The pictures become the real one later on. When Michael wins the last game the real Sebastian Shultz comes back to life.

Character Sketch

  • Sebastian Shultz – Sebastian Shultz was the main character of the story. He was a brilliant minded person. He was a kind of person who never loses hope. He kept on trying until he gets success. He had a polite nature. He had written all the messages to Michael in a good language. Michael failed in his three attempts, but then also Sebastian had written a message that “can we have one last try? If this doesn’t work I won’t bother you again. He hadn’t lost hope yet and was just saying in such a polite manner. Sebastian had a thankful nature too. As when Michael succeeded in rescuing Sebastian’s memory from that psycho-driven games, Sebastian had sent an e-mail in which he had thanked Michael. Also, he was kind-hearted. As, with thanks, he also told Michael to keep those games with himself as a gift from him.

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